Total Logistics Management

In this era of technology revolution, it is an urgent task and necessary step for any corporation to improve its logistics processes in order to minimize cost and optimize business efficiency and competitiveness.

In this era of technology revolution, it is an urgent task and necessary step for any corporation to improve its logistics processes in order to minimize cost and optimize business efficiency and competitiveness. With the latest IT capability combined with the strong experience as an International Freight Forwarder, we are proud to introduce Technology for SWIFT FREIGHT to support your logistics needs.

Procurement Management: With the development of web based applications in the field of business, more companies started employing eProcurement. This is a process in which companies purchase materials for service or products via the Internet. By automating this process based upon satisfied business rules, it is possible to reduce the cost and time cycle of purchase orders dramatically.

In-House Logistics: This is a logistics process of manufacturing, such as consolidating and assembling parts to complete production.

Distribution Logistics: This is a logistics process of selling products, from manufactures to retailers or directly to consumers.

Supply Chain Management: A Supply Chain is a sequence of events in a goods flow, from producing to consuming of the item. Supply Chain management is an idea to integrate a network of suppliers, manufactures, wholesalers, retailers and consumers in order to make a seamless flow of merchandise and information, which results in great efficiency, saving time and cost.

or any other business process that requires asset visibility. From a local online shopping site to complete global cross trade, B2C or B2B. SWIFT FREIGHT will help you:

Reduce Cost: If you have not reviewed your logistics systems for sometime, you may be losing money. Value analysis will help you make your logistics system more efficient, saving costs. SWIFT FREIGHT experts will help you minimize and eliminate any unnecessary process or find areas for improvements. Make it more efficient. Reduce labor cost. Provide quality services. SWIFT FREIGHT can be part of your strategic management.

Real time visibility information: With our e-logistics systems, all information is updated immediately after any event in the transportation process. Our fully automated system is accurate, efficient, and fast. By providing freight information in real time, you can increase customer satisfaction.

Forecast and Control Inventory: With diversification of consumer needs and shortened product life cycle, there is an urgent need for controlling inventory. Our Just In Time system allows users to supply only the necessary products when necessary, as much as they need, only to where they are needed. Give customers the right thing, right time, and right away.

Confirm Order and Delivery with No Hassle: All order and shipping information is available online and you will be also informed of any change of status automatically via email. With this visibility, you will be freed from worries about your shipment.

Your Business Partner: Let us serve you to grow your business. Unlike other logistics service providers, SWIFT FREIGHT doesn’t impose our existing systems. We CUSTOMIZE the best logistics pratices to make it fit with your current logistics needs. Our logistics experts analyze your current system and logistics needs, then recommend the best solution which optimizes your logistics system. Our ultimate goal is to help your company grow. As your logistics partner, SWIFT FREIGHT strives to support your business. It’s not just a service, it’s a PARTNERSHIP. If you are looking for a credible logistics solution partner, SWIFT FREIGHT would be the one for you.

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