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  List of Holidays in 2018's
Day -- Date -- Holiday Name -- Holiday Type
Jan 21    Sunday    Sri Panchami    Optional Holiday
Jan 31    Wednesday    Magha Purnima    Optional Holiday
Feb 13    Tuesday    Shibratri    Optional Holiday
Feb 14    Wednesday    Maha Shivaratri    Hindu Holiday
Feb 14    Wednesday    Ash Wednesday    Optional Holiday
Feb 14    Wednesday    Valentine's Day    Observance
Feb 21    Wednesday    Language Martyrs' Day    Public Holiday
Mar 2    Friday    Holi    Hindu Holiday
Mar 2    Friday    National Flag Day    Observance
Mar 2    Friday    Doljatra    Optional Holiday
Mar 17    Saturday    Sheikh Mujibur Rahmanís birthday    Public Holiday
Mar 20    Tuesday    March equinox    Season
Mar 26    Monday    Independence Day    Public Holiday
Mar 29    Thursday    Maundy Thursday    Optional Holiday
Mar 30    Friday    Good Friday    Optional Holiday
Mar 31    Saturday    Holy Saturday    Optional Holiday
Apr 1    Sunday    Easter Day    Optional Holiday
Apr 2    Monday    Easter Monday    Optional Holiday
Apr 13    Friday    Shab-e-Meraj    Optional Holiday
Apr 14    Saturday    Bengali New Year    Public Holiday
Apr 30    Monday    Shab e-Barat    Public Holiday
May 1    Tuesday    May Day    Public Holiday
May 13    Sunday    Mothers' Day    Observance
May 22    Tuesday    Buddha Purnima/Vesak    National holiday
Jun 7    Thursday    Jumatul Bidah    Public Holiday
Jun 10    Sunday    Night of Destiny    Public Holiday
Jun 16    Saturday    Eid ul-Fitr    Public Holiday
Jun 17    Sunday    Eid ul-Fitr Holiday Day 2    Public Holiday
Jun 17    Sunday    Fathers' Day    Observance
Jun 18    Monday    Eid ul-Fitr Holiday Day 3    Public Holiday
Jun 19    Tuesday    Eid ul-Fitr Holiday Day 4    Optional Holiday
Jun 21    Thursday    June Solstice    Season
Jul 1    Sunday    July 1 Bank Holiday    Bank Holiday
Aug 15    Wednesday    National Mourning Day    Public Holiday
Aug 22    Wednesday    Eid al-Adha    Public Holiday
Aug 23    Thursday    Eid al-Adha Day 2    Public Holiday
Aug 24    Friday    Eid al-Adha Day 3    Public Holiday
Aug 25    Saturday    Eid al-Adha Day 4    Optional Holiday
Aug 26    Sunday    Raksha Bandhan    Hindu Holiday
Sep 3    Monday    Janmashtami    Public Holiday
Sep 13    Thursday    Ganesh Chaturthi    Hindu Holiday
Sep 21    Friday    Ashura    Public Holiday
Sep 23    Sunday    September equinox    Season
Sep 24    Monday    Mahalaya    Optional Holiday
Sep 25    Tuesday    Madhu Purnima    Optional Holiday
Oct 10    Wednesday    Navaratri    Hindu Holiday
Oct 15    Monday    Vijaya Dasami    Optional Holiday
Oct 19    Friday    Dussehra    Hindu Holiday
Oct 31    Wednesday    Halloween    Observance
Nov 6    Tuesday    Sri Shayama Puja    Optional Holiday
Nov 7    Wednesday    Lakshmi Puja    Optional Holiday
Nov 20    Tuesday    Eid e-Milad-un Nabi    Public Holiday
Dec 16    Sunday    Victory Day    Public Holiday
Dec 21    Friday    December Solstice    Season
Dec 24    Monday    Christmas Eve    Optional Holiday
Dec 25    Tuesday    Christmas Day    Public Holiday
Dec 26    Wednesday    Boxing Day    Optional Holiday
Dec 31    Monday    New Year's Eve    Bank Holiday
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